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The Llama Mama

Dream a little dream with me

An idea that turned into a passion,  a passion into an obsession.

That’s how I think of Llama Mama, the little store that reignited a love for art, design, and community.


designed with love

As weird as you want to be.

All that really matters here is you.

The whole point of this place is to give everyone a place where they feel seen, give artists resources for marketing and support, and provide eclectic souls with designs they love sinking their teeth into.

We hope you love this stuff as much as we enjoy making it.

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I don't usually look like this.
I smile more. And, on good days, I'm less purple.


the llama mama

Nice to meet you.

This started as spec work.

Just a gal trying to create something to show people how crucial a solid branding strategy is to a company’s survival.

I had just launched new packages for my marketing company and needed a portfolio piece that would show all of the nuances vital to brand building. Creating a brand from scratch seemed like a great exercise.

But, at some point, all I could think about was Llama Mama. I wanted to turn it into something quirky and bizarre while being inclusive, inviting, well-made, and affordable.


do good and feel good

Building a brand.

I’m so glad you’re here to see this. I cannot overstate how excited I am to bring this whole shebang to life and hopefully make some friends along the way.




Artist Community

Support indie artists.

While I love designing and tinkering and brainstorming wild graphics and styles for all of the shop items, this eventually comes back to the indie artists.

I keep using “I” because, well, it’s just me right now. And you’ll probably continue to see designs from me even as the brand grows.

However, at the end of the day, this is about community and creating a space where artists can come together and get support for their hard work.

The sky is the limit.


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