Revolutionize Your Wardrobe and Support Local Talent at the Exclusive Launch Party of Llama Mama on May 18, 2023



Join us on May 18, 2023 for Llama Mama's FIRST pop-up and launch party.

Alyssa Webb

WYANDOTTE, Mich., April 14, 2023 – The highly anticipated launch of Llama Mama, an avant-garde fashion brand committed to uplifting independent artists and showcasing unique styles, will be celebrated with an unforgettable, star-studded event on May 18 at Grand Dad’s Side Bar in Wyandotte. The launch party promises a night of non-stop entertainment, with a full bar, live music, and participation from local independent businesses – a true testament to the spirit of community and creativity.

At Llama Mama, we believe in the power of individuality and self-expression. Our mission is to revolutionize the fashion landscape by offering exclusive, one-of-a-kind clothing collections through collaborations with up-and-coming artists. By attending our launch party, you will be among the first to experience our unique style and approach to community and fashion.

“I’m so excited to bring Llama Mama to the public,” said Alyssa Webb, founder of Llama Mama. “We’re all about celebrating the essence of individuality and empowering people to express themselves with confidence. Our passion for creativity, boldness, and authenticity shines through in every unique design.

“We’re also committed to community and finding ways to support independent artists through our Collaboration spaces and Personal Branding partnerships through my creative agency, Path Creative.

The evening promises to be nothing short of a party, with a performance from metro Detroit musician Ryan Dillaha, who hasn’t performed in the downriver area for more than five years. And to make the night even more memorable, we’ll feature a full bar stocked with the finest selection of drinks to satisfy every taste bud. When you many any purchase from Llama Mama — in person or at our online kiosk — you’ll be given a complimentary drink ticket for your indulgence!*

In addition to the sensational fashion and live music, our launch party will bring together a diverse group of independent business owners from the local community. You can check out the complete list of vendors below! This is the perfect opportunity for fashion enthusiasts, art lovers, and entrepreneurs to network, collaborate, and be inspired by each other’s vision and passion.

Join us for an evening of celebration, innovation, and artistic expression as we unveil the Llama Mama brand. We can’t wait to share our vision with you and make a lasting impact on our community!

Don’t miss out on this spectacular event! For more information, visit or visit our event page on Facebook.

About Llama Mama:

An eclectic shop for electric souls, Llama Mama was founded in 2022 to support artists, create unique clothing, and give all misfits a place to feel seen, heard, and loved. By partnering with talented independent artists and local brands, we create exclusive clothing collections and storefronts that reflect each collaborator’s unique spirit and vision. We aim to foster a sense of community among entrepreneurs and artists.

About Ryan Dillaha:

A Michigan native, Dillaha once worked at a steel mill before pursuing his musicianship. To let off the 9 to 5 steam, he played in bands on the weekends and developed the energetic and magnetic stage presence the downriver community has come to love. On top of his music education — a mix of country, Motown, and classic rock — Dillaha studied literature at Wayne State University and now teaches at Oakland Community College. He’s a staple in the downriver community, with a swagger that matches his musical influences and a lyrical style that rivals his favorite poets.

About the Vendors:

Early Riser Base Ball Club of Detroit

Facebook: Early Riser Base Ball Club of Detroit


Llama Mama Storefront: 

Vintage Base Ball Clubs are alive and well. One team, The Early Risers, is named after one of the first baseball teams in Detroit and has been sponsored by the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition since 2009. The Early Riser Base Ball Club is our FIRST Collaboration partner, and we’ll be showcasing some of their previous clothing at the pop-up.

Cardinal Quill Tattoo

Facebook: Cardinal Quill Tattoo 



A family-owned tattoo shop in Flat Rock, Michigan, with artists specializing in American Traditional tattoos yet formidable in all other contemporary styles. We’ll showcase art from owner David Forrest on one of our Collaboration storefronts.

Jef Mendrysa

Facebook: Jef Mendrysa Art and Tattoos



Co-owner of Bluewater Studios and Blackwater Studios. Home Shop: Bluewater Studios. We’ll showcase some of Jef’s art on one of our Collaboration storefronts.

Tara Nolan

Facebook: Author Tara Nolan




Tara was born and raised sandwiched between the Great Lakes, where she has dwelled in the Mitten state ever since. She occupies a house with her three gremlins, a husband she has known since the first grade, and various creatures. Being an avid reader her whole life, Tara knew she wanted to write a story but only took it seriously in her senior year of high school. While in college, she put her first novel on hold and began writing short stories and poetry before finally starting Back to You, which will be available on May 2, 2023.

Jessica’s Confectionary

Facebook Group: Jessica’s Confectionery

Jessica specializes in all delectable treats and will keep us full of sugar all evening.

Earthen Keys Apothecary



Earthen Keys Apothecary creates Earth-based offerings with the intention that the Earth holds the keys to our deepest healing and magic. Her offerings include herbal oils, salves, essential oil-infused products, cleansing bundles, crystal jewelry, and magical tea sets. Each season, new creations are available to honor nature’s cycles. At our pop-up, you’ll find her Spring’s Serenade Boxes, complete with fairy garden magic, herbal medicines, and seeds for sowing this growing season!

Chelsee Heals



Chelsee Heals is an intuitive counselor and tarot reader who seeks to empower clients by identifying energy blockages and offering heart-centered solutions. She uses sound healing via tuning forks to assist in clearing identified blockages.


*limit of one ticket per person

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